Turkish Coffee – Turk Kahve

The Turks were the first to introduce coffee to Europe in the 16th century in the Ottoman Empire time.

Turkish Coffee is called Turk Kahve. ‘Kahvaltı’ (breakfast) literally means ‘before coffee’ because after a good breakfast, tradition is to have a cup of Turk Kahve.

As Turkish people say: “To drink one cup of coffee together guarantees forty years of friendship”.

  • Price: from 1 TL to 5 TL (0.3 € – 1.5 €)
  • Turk Kahve is always served with a glass of water (it’s freeee)
  • Interesting fact #1: The leftovers in the bottom of your cup can be used to tell your fortunate. The empty cup is turned upside down on the saucer and let it get cold for 3-5 minutes.  The grains that have run down the sides of the cup are then read to find out what is in store for your future!
  • Interesting fact #2: Traditionaly, when the groom’s family ask the bride’s family for the marriage aproval, the bride’s father will make a cup of Turk Kahve and instead of adding sugar he would add salt. When the groom drinks the Kahve it will determine if he could stand by the bride either in the sweet or the salty/sour moments for the rest of their lives. The bride’s father will understand what material is the groom made of!

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