Dystopia in the offing

My granddaughter spent her 147th birthday surrounded by her descendants. They’ve just arrived in their glitzy humming drones,  landing in the drone-port at the backyard.

She got scared when I came across her while she was sneaking around in my garret. “Goodie, goodie, grandpa”, she shouted. “Is this one of those grubby things you called books?”

“That’s right, sweetie”

“These pictures!” she cried. “Are they those African tribesmen you told me about?”

“No, my dear. They’re white people like you and me. Humans used to be all sorts of colors. They used to call it races and many hated each other if they were a different one. ”

“How about these symbols in people’s skin?”

“Those markings were called tattoos. People thought it was cool to have a needle stuck in them and get their bodies defaced.”

They were all with her now, tittering and making faces. “Outré”!

“And what are those?!”

“Cars. You had to drive it yourself. Damn hazardous!”

“And those funny buildings?”

“Oh, that was New York. It had to be abandoned after the floods in the 2050s, but the water wasn’t the real problem. It was the poison and all the plastic waste and bottles. No one could wipe out the mess.”

“The houses are huge. Did anyone live in them?”

“Of course. That was Manhattan. All the basements had been dug out, so when the water came in the houses just floated away. Company bosses lived in them. They earned 300 times more than the workers and said they deserved it because they were so intelligent. We had a system called capitalism. But then a famous writer published two brilliant books called “Human Farm” and “2084”. And we got rid of it.”

“And why are those people walking around outside? That’s so dangerous. You can’t do that!”

“Well, you could do all kinds of things: ride a bike, eat an ice-cream or even read a newspaper at Central Park. It was quite safe before the sea rose and the big heats came and then the Chinese smog. That’s why we just go from house to house in our drones.”

“So, was it better in the old days?”

I paused. “Yes, in many ways it was actually,” I said finally. “But the people who ran the world were really, really stupid.”slave


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