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Little Things Matter: Some Do’s and Don’t’s

There is actually no point in writing a large list of do’s and dont’s because Turkish people just want you to relax and have fun with them or have a pleasant stay in their houses. Nevertheless, here are some tips … Continue reading

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Turkish Breakfast – Turk Kahvaltı

First week I came to Ankara, Tuğçe and I went to have breakfast outside. I looked at the table with fear and doubt. Every freaking inch was covered by a plate, bowl or cup. The table was full of food! … Continue reading

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Turkish Coffee – Turk Kahve

The Turks were the first to introduce coffee to Europe in the 16th century in the Ottoman Empire time. Turkish Coffee is called Turk Kahve. ‘Kahvaltı’ (breakfast) literally means ‘before coffee’ because after a good breakfast, tradition is to have … Continue reading

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